Healing Handz Massage Academy

Healing Handz Massage Academy has been registered with the Texas Department of Health since 2003 and strictly adheres to the Rules and Regulations of the Texas Department of Health.


School Director                         Assistant Director

 Susan Hartzog                              David Hartzog



Healing Handz Incorporated


President/Secretary            Vice President/Treasurer

      David Hartzog                          Susan Hartzog



Description of the Facilities and Equipment:


     Our location is within minutes of Downtown Bryan, Texas A&M University, and College Station.  We are nestled in a Natures Hideaway.  Enjoy our lake view and serene atmosphere as you learn how to bring others to a state of true relaxation.      Our facility includes: three private massage rooms, a large classroom equipped with anatomical charts, power point monitor, teaching skeletan, therapy balls, TV and video equipment, dry erase board, tables, chairs and room for ten massage tables.  Besides an office and reception area on campus we offer students hands on experience with our state of the art Hydrotherapy facilities which includes: Steam Room, Hot Tub, Whirlpool Bath, and Swiss Shower.  For the students' convenience, we offer vending machines, microwave oven, and a small fridge.  We also have a store that includes books, learning aids, anatomical novelty items, as well as bath and body products.  

     Our property has been landscaped to maximize nature's true beauty.  Benches and a picnic table can be found throughout the property.





Our goal at Healing Handz Massage Academy is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of the structure and function of the human body and the direct and indirect effects of massage therapy on the body.  Further, we wish to provide you with instruction on proper movement, self-care, and injury prevention for the therapist.  We will teach you business ethics as well as the skills needed to plan and operate a successful business.  Students will participate in the required hours of hands-on massage and business operations for the Internship program as outline by the Texas Department of Health.  Students will understand the State curriculum and guidelines for Massage Therapists, as provided by the Texas Department of Health, and be fully prepared to apply for the Massage Therapy Licensing Exam.        The instructors and staff at Healing Handz Massage Academy hope that you have chosen our school as your pathway to a new career and better yet, a new you.