CEU Classes at our School

Our CEU classes provide exciting avenues to explore and have in your "tool-belt" as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

We are always pre-enrolling for CEU classes. Once we have 4 students pre-enrolled, we will announce dates and times.

If you have a group of therapists you would like to have trained in your business, give us a call. We can schedule a class just for you.


Contact us through email or phone if you are interested enrolling or pre-enrolling in a class.


                 Our Current CEU Class Program and Schedule

Myo-Cupping (Myo-Cup Kit included)       Instructor: Susie Wade


Myo-cupping will help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.




CEU hours: 6                          $150.00                             TBA



Cranio-Sacral Therapy I

     Instructor: Susan Hartzog


A gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain. 



CEU hours: 15                         $550.00                       May 21        1-7

                                                                                     May 22,23   4-9



Cranio-Sacral Therapy II

     Instructor: Susan Hartzog









CEU hours: 15                           $550.00                       Aug 20       1-7

                                    Aug 21,22  4-9



Essential Oils Classes

Instructors: David and Susan Hartzog, 

                   Peter and Amy Minke


1. Basic Use and Safety                   

2. Raindrop Therapy                          3. Essential Oils for emotional


4. Vitaflex technique


CEU hours: 4 (each                    $125.00                                TBA


*Register and complete all four classes for a discount.

Certification upon request, must take all 4 classes! 



Essential oils for your Pets cats dogs horses

     Instructor: David, Susan Hartzog







CEU hours: 6                                $125.00                                TBA



Pet Massage

Instructor: David,Susan Hartzog








CEU hours: 6                                 $125.00                                TBA



Prenatal Massage Therapy**

     Instructor: Susan Hartzog









CEU hours: 12                                $250.00                                TBA



Labor & Deliver Massage**

     Instructor: Susan Hartzog









CEU hours: 6                                  $150.00                                 TBA



Infant & Child Massage,

Family Bonding**

     Instructor: Susan Hartzog








CEU hours: 12                                 $200.00                                 TBA



Hot Stone Massage

Instructor: David Hartzog


Very popular class. Easy to integrate into all types of massage.









CEU hours: 6                                    $150.00                            TBA



Advanced Chair Massage

     Instructor: TBD


Bring your chair massage up to a high level of expertize. Win over everyone who sits down.









CEU hours: 6                                    $125.00                                TBA



Sports Massage

     Instructor: TBD









CEU hours: 12                                 $175.00                                TBA



CPR & First Aid

Instructors: TBD









CEU hours: 6                                    $100.00                                TBA



Trigger Point Therapy

Instructor: David Hartzog








CEU hours: 12                                 $200.00                                 TBA



Myofascial Release

Instructor: David Hartzog












CEU hours: 12                                 $200.00                                 TBA



Thai Massage 1 (Northern Style)

Instructor: Jeanine Penland


Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.




CEU hours: 30                                 $500.00                                 TBA

*This class is a prerequisate for certification



Thai Massage 2 (Northern Style)

Instructor: Jeanine Penland


Students will learn new and exciting moves of thai massage in prone and side-lying position.




CEU hours: 30                                 $500.00                                 TBA

*This class is a prerequisite for certification.



Lymphatic System Massage

Instructor: Jeanine Penland and

      Susan Hartzog

1. Face and neck

2. Body

3. Scar tissue, breast work and eyes

4. Organs




CEU hours: 12 (each)                      $250.00 (each)                       TBA

***Certification available***



European Facelift Massage

Instructor: David Hartzog









CEU hours: 6                                      $125.00                              TBA



Adult Education

(REQ for Massage Therapy Instructor License)







CEU hours: 30                            $600.00                             TBA



Kinesiology for Massage Therapy

Instructor: Jeanine Penland









CEU hours: 50                               $600.00                                  TBA



Pathology for Massage Therapy

Instructor: Jenn Atkins









CEU hours: 40                               $500.00                                   TBA



Equine Certification Program

Instructor: Caty Paben


CEU hours: 80                             $1500.00            

          April 15 and 22, 2017     8:30 to 6:30

          May 6, 20, 27, 2017       8:30 to 6:30

          June 10, 17, 2017          8:30 to 6:30

          July 1, 2017                    8:30 to 6:30


Full description of the program found here.




**Save $75.00 if you enroll in Prenatal massage, Labor & Delivery Massage, and Infant and Child Massage.

            30 hours for $500.00


**Save $25.00 if you enroll in both basic essential oil and Raindrop Technique.

            12 hours for $200.00


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